Eco Friendly

Agenma B.V. makes a continuous effort to minimize its impact on theenvironmental sustainability duurzaamheid milieu Agenma B.V. Nederland
environment and promote environmental awareness.

We realise that in order to cut our carbon footprint we have to behave in a
environmentally responsible manner and reduce waste through re-use and recycling.

When the situation permits we will use recycled, recyclable products and
materials where these alternatives are available, economical and suitable.

We strive for the reduction of our electricity consumption
Therefore we generate our own energy by using solar power.
When using solar energy, the environment is harmed less.
It is a renewable CO2-free form of energy generation.
Even our hot tap water is provided by solar heat.

Of all water on Earth less than 3% is fresh. Over 2.5% is frozen, distributed in places like Antarctica, the Artic and glaciers, consequently not available to man. We must rely on this remaining 0.5% for meeting all of humans and ecosystem’s fresh water needs.

So reduced water consumption is yet another goal for us to achieve.
At this moment we are working on collecting rainwater to be used in our facility, so we can not only save on but also reduce our tap water use.

Pumping systems account for nearly 20% of the world’s electrical energy consumption.
So in order to minimize our carbon footprint it’s important to reduce, re-use and recycle.
Even if an overhaul costs 75% of the new price it is better for the sake of our environment to overhaul than to purchase a new pump.
So think about giving your pump a second life!