Häny Pumps


Innovative and safe pump solutions, turbine and injection systems
For decades, Häny AG has been a household name for pump and system technology for water supply and sanitation in the municipal and industrial segment.
They are a leading provider of quality products and services in the area of water conveyance and wastewater treatment as well as selected niche markets in demanding market segments.
ecocut-2406                            ecoline-2                ecoline
HÄNY ECOCUT®-2406                                                                                                             HÄNY-ECOLINE


Offering innovative turbine solutions, Häny AG enables more efficient use of renewable water power in times of energy shortage.
pelton turbine                                               plant on tbm
HÄNY Pelton turbine                                                                                                              Automated plant on TBM

Last but not least, they are among the leading manufactures of injection systems. Cement grout plants from Häny have been used worldwide for impermeating galleries, tunnels and dams and for consolidating the ground at construction sites. They are a global partner for state-of-the-art mixing and injection technology.

Häny AG
Ever since its foundation by Eduard Häny-Pfister in 1875, Häny AG has been an family business. Today the company is managed by the fifth generation of the family and employs roughly 150 staff.
Over time, the company has transformed itself from a pump manufacturer into a systems provider. Their field of expertise comprises the whole “water cycle” – from drinking water supply to wastewater disposal.
With the takeover of Sulzer Pumpen Schweiz, Häny AG offers enhanced solutions in the area of municipal and industrial water treatment. With its appointment as general agents for Netzsch pumps and its partnership with Caprari Modena, Häny was able to further consolidate its position in the Swiss market. Although Häny no longer manufactures each and every pump it sells itself but selects those pumps available on the world market most suitable to address customer needs, they continue to produce pumps that are particularly complex or suitable for special applications on their Jona site Switzerland.

As of 2017, AGENMA B.V. is importer for the HÄNY-ECOLINE in the Netherlands and Belgium. The range consists of high-performance pumps for urban drainage and sewage transport.
• ECOCUT® 2405
Grinder pumps with 1-stage centrifugal hydraulics. Straight lengths of line (De50) of up to 700 m can be overcome.
• ECOCUT® 2406
Grinder pumps with 2-stage centrifugal hydraulics. Straight lengths of line (De50) of up to 1400 m can be overcome.

• ECOCUT® 2405/2406
Grinder pumps with 1 and 2-stage centrifugal hydraulics. In series. Straight lengths of line (De50) of up to 3000 m can be overcome.
• ECONEX® 2402
Progressive cavity hydraulic grinder pump. Straight lengths of line (De40) of up to 4500 m can be overcome.
• ECOVOX® 2404 WW
The classic sewage pump DN80 with Vortex impeller moves any problematic media charged with solids.
• ECOVOX® 2403 DR
The classic drainage pump DN50 with Vortex impeller moves any media slightly charged with solids.

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