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Effects of wipes in sewer systems

Stichting RIONED, the platform for sewer care in the Netherlands, which government bodies, companies and educational institutes participate in, researched in 2007 the impact of wipes on sewer systems of private individuals and municipalities.

Inquiries were made with 195 of the 443 Dutch municipalities. 176 (90%) answered pumps failed and broke down and 42% suffered from sewer blockages as a consequence of wipes in sewers. All this maintenance cost municipalities a lot of money in additional expenditures. Which are ultimately paid by us through taxes.
Costs for pump replacement alone are estimated to be € 5 to € 15 million a year.
Municipalities staffing (pump repair) has been estimated at € 6 million per year.

In the private part of sewers, 15 to 20% of sewer blockages were caused by wipes as stated by sewer cleaning companies who were approached for this research. An estimate was made that 150.000 to 300.000 of blockages were the result of the wipes problem. The usual cost of a drain-cleaning job be around 100 euros, leading to a loss of 15 to 30 million per year.

So we may conclude that the vast availability of wipes, while very convenient in our busy daily lives puts an increased strain on our sewer systems.


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For decades, Häny AG has been a household name for pump and system technology for water supply and sanitation in the Swiss municipal and industrial segment.
The company has been a family-owned business since its founding in 1875 with about 150 employees today. Their field of expertise comprises the whole “water cycle” – from drinking water supply to wastewater disposal.
With the takeover of Sulzer Pumpen Schweiz, Häny AG offers enhanced solutions in the area of municipal and industrial water treatment.
With its appointment as general agents for Netzsch pumps and its partnership with Caprari Modena, Häny was able to further consolidate its position in the Swiss market.


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As of 2017, Agenma B.V. is the importer for HÄNY-ECOLINE pumps in the Netherlands and Belgium.
The range consists of high-performance pumps for urban drainage and sewage transport.
• ECOCUT ®: Grinder pump with centrifugal hydraulics with a grinding unit of
hardened special steel
• ECONEX® : Progressive cavity hydraulic grinder pump with a grinding unit of
hardened special steel
• ECOVOX® : Classic drainage/sewage pump with Vortex impeller

Please visit our website for more details about the HÄNY-ECOLINE pumps.
Go to DOWNLOADS on our website. Full information about this line of pumps is downloadable in this section.

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