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Let us start this topic with some generally accepted data.

On an average chemical plant 10 to 15% of the total investment is spent on pumping systems. This including costs for engineering and installation. The life cycle cost of a pump system is typically 10 to 20 years. So when assuming a life cycle of 15 years of your average pump it is known that energy consumption includes about 90% of the total LCC.

Maintenance and costs of investments makes up for 5% each of the total cost allocation of your pump. With these facts taken into consideration it is obvious that when working conditions of your system change or pumps are over-dimensioned for your current process, it pays to select a more efficient pump.

Taking time to schedule preventive maintenance will lower the LCC of your pump even more.



The sale of new, reconditioned and refurbished pumps is an important side of our business. With over 3000  pre-owned pumps in stock Agenma B.V. gives you the opportunity to save on your investment. These pumps are overhauled and tested to your specifications, providing you a quality pump best suited for your system. 

An additional factor is less environmental impact because of the economical reuse of raw material and energy reduction.


Please visit our website where you will find our list with pre-owned pumps in stock.


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Newsletter 2016