Repair / Overhaul

Repair / Overhaul

We offer you services ranging from standard inspections and repairs to complete overhauls.
Equipment repair are being carried out at our workshop in Hoogerheide.

When overhauling pumps to ‘as new’ condition, the following points are addressed:
– Overall condition
– Detailed examination of all critical parts and their condition
– Proposal for materials upgrade
– List of parts suitable for re-use or refurbishment
– List of parts to be replaced
– Estimate of time and cost of work needed.


Our in-house services include:

Minor/Major Overhauls & Repair
Bearing And Seal Changes           More info on Mechanical seals
Dynamic balancing                         More info on Dynamic-Balancing



Pump overhaul procedure :

• Prior to disassembly your pump is being given an digital ID.
• A description of the pump and his specifications are being stored in our digital database.
• Next, the correct cleaning procedure before, during and after disassembly will be determined.
• The pump is carefully disassembled and the condition of the pump parts are visually checked. These observations are being noted.
• Components are then prepared for cleaning and/or sandblasting.
• A thorough inspection is performed for wear, corrosion and wash out damage. Clearances and dimensions are being checked.
• Upon completion of the inspection you are provided with the scope of work for the repairs as well as an estimate of the costs associated with the pump repair.
• We will discuss with you the possibilities for materials upgrade if necessary.

For example:
Offering you alternatives for the pump-wet parts.
Suggesting to use other materials for your defective seal.
Or giving you the option for a different type of seal altogether.
• A non-conformity report will be drawn up on request.
• Repair begins after your approval.
• Parts are being repaired or replaced with either OEM parts or high quality after-market parts (your preference).
• Finally, the pump is re-assembled, tested, painted and returned to you in “like new” condition.