Vacuum Pump Service

Agenma B.V. offers vacuum pump repairs and services for low, medium
and high vacuum systems.

Some applications of our customers include:
• Packaging
• Degassing
• Pneumatic conveying
• Drying
• Holding/Lifting
• Forming/Pressing/Laminating
• Removal/Cleaning
• Heat Treatment – evacuation of vacuum furnaces
Because every vacuum application has its own characteristics we provide sustainable productivity solutions that will meet your process demands.

Regular preventative maintenance and even overhauls are necessary to improve operational life of rotating equipment.
Our expertise and experience in servicing:
• Mechanical booster pumps
• Dry screw pumps
• Dry running and Oil sealed rotary vane pumps
• Liquid ring pumps
• Rotary lobe pumps
improves the efficiency and increases the reliability of your assets.