Dynamic Balancing

Agenma B.V. has in-house capabilities for dynamic balancing.dynamic balancing dynamisch balanceren Agenma B.V. Nederland
Balancing is done to a minimum balance quality grade of G 6.3 Standard.
According to ISO issued guidelines (DIN ISO 1940-1).

Imbalance causes vibration which has direct impact on your rotating equipment.
Such as reduced bearing life and seal damage.
In addition, shafts with unbalanced masses can be bent and
experience fatigue failure.
To reduce rotor vibration levels compensation of the weight distribution,   this must be carried out by means of dynamic balancing.
This is essential to increase the pump’s lifetime and efficiency.

Energy consumption:
Pumping systems accounts for a big part of global electrical energy use.
Generated vibrations caused by imbalance also consume excess energy.
This is counterproductive to our efforts to save energy and reduce CO2 –emissions.