Retrofitting can be the solution when increased operating conditions are demanding more from your pump.
To retrofit pumps used in critical applications which suffer from poor reliability can reduce the risk of unplanned outages, improving the reliability of your system.

The opportunity for retrofit can occur in many applications.
Some examples:
• Excessive seal leakage due to low specific gravity applications.
• Frequent seal failures due to shaft deflection.
• Seal failure due to process changes.
• Pumps with insufficient designed shafts or bearings causing vibration problems.
• Chronic bearing problems resulting in high temperature issues.
• Bearing damaged caused by VFD induced shaft voltages.

Benefits of retrofitting are:
• Short downtime as compared to a new pump.
• Eliminating engineering and the need to modify existing piping or foundation, saving you time and money.
• Improving pump reliability and reducing maintenance costs.
• Reduce energy consumption.