Nijhuis pomp maintenance onderhoud Agenma B.V.

In order to have a reliable process, periodic maintenance is essential.
Your operation benefits from on-site inspection of your pumps.
It will reduce costs while improving efficiency.

To determine performance issues and insure the reliability of your assets it is necessary for us to undertake regular maintenance visits to check and report on your equipment.

Points of attention:

• Cavitation
• Alignment between pump and motor
• Excessive heat of the bearings and pump house
• Extreme vibrations and noise
• Pump foundation issues
• Increased energy/power consumption

We understand these failure modes and monitor them while your system is in running condition. This will improve operational life and avoid premature breakdown.


Agenma B.V. offers preventive maintenance contracts tailored to customer-specific needs.
We believe a long term relationship offers us the opportunity to maintain your rotating equipment the most efficient.